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Derek  22 Sep 2017


Yip, as predicted yesterday, the US was in overbought territory and all indices corrected. Asia followed this trend this morning, except for Australia that is still moving between the 2 resistance lines sideways (since May).

I show MicrosoftCorp today. Notice the divergence and that MACD broke down.

JSE Technical:
The property sector performed well after the interest rate was kept the same. It is always good to diversify your porfolio with some property shares.

One of the best performers was Fortress Income Fund. I show on the graph where FrontRunner and MACD broke up.

I must show Resilient again that smashed top resistance. Wait for the indicators to take profit.

TIP of the WEEK:
Never anticipate an indicator's move. Wait for it to happen as you may loose out on some strong moves. Indicators some times stay a long time at top and bottom, so best to wait for a cross over.

You must have a great weekend.
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