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Derek  27 Sep 2017


Markets do not like the war stories between Trump and North Korea. That caused a huge sell off on world markets, but it also gives a great opportunity to invest for astude investors.

Hardly any movements on the US yesterday. In the East only the HangSeng turned positively while the other markets are still negative.

I show Tencent. Notice that it has moved out of the overbought territory and the previous break line became support.

Apple bounced on a support, but do notice that no trend line has been broken yet.

JSE Technical:
The JSE followed world markets down and banks took the biggest drop.

Anhauser-Bush made a tripple top and corrected to current levels. This is about the only share that showed some positive movement yesterday. I assume because of the Rand weakening. Notice that the open window was closed after the double top.

Bidvest is giving opposite signals with MACD breaking up and FrontRunner down. Best to wait a day or two to get clearer indication.

Strong Trends:
I do not know if you noticed that when a share goes into a strong trend, the HeatMaps never fall into a dark green buying area, but rather only a light green. You can see this on Tencent's graph. We made adjustments for this in our program as the turning point of all indicators are higher than normal. If you are a RSI follower, you will get left behind as the RSI will never fall below 30 to give you an entry signal! And that is true for all signals.

You must have a great day.
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