All positive in my absence

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Derek  4 Oct 2017


All Markets were positive in my absence. Only Australia is negative this morning and still moving sideways between the 2 resistance lines I showed previously.

I show the DOW and notice that it is busy completing a perfect J-curve. I also indicate where FrontRunner and MACD broke up.

Bank of America has broken top resistance, but as shown, we are in overbought territory. I would prefer a correction back to the break line as shown below in Resilient's graph.

JSE Technical:
With the Rand weakening, all Rand Hedges are doing well. The graph of Anglo looks exactly the same as the DOW, but I am not showing that today.

I show Capitec that made 2 doji's on support and then broke the trend line. Notice all the indicators that are breaking up.

Resilient, one of my favourite property shares, came back to the break line to touch it a few times. Notice that FrontRunner is breaking up.

I noticed that while I was away, that someone did not get his emails anymore. If this happens to you, you can always go directly to the webpage to view all Market Reviews and also contact me at to rectify.

You must have a great day
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