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Derek  9 Oct 2017


The employment figures announced on Friday in the US showed a loss of employment and stalled the US markets. All indices in the East is however positive this morning except for the HangSeng. Tokyo is closed today for a public holiday.

I show the S&P500 and notice that all indicators are overbought.

I show Adobe Systems where the MACD is breaking upwards. See my explanation of MACD below.

JSE Technical:
Two of the most dissappointing shares the last year were Woolies and Steinhoff. I show Steinhoff where FrontRunner and MACD is breaking up, but do notice that it has a dark red trend. Are we going to see better days here?

After a double top, Dis-Chem made an ABC correction to close against its correction trend line. I show again where FrontRunner and MACD are breaking up.

Although MACD is a lagging indicator compared to FrontRunner, as shown on graphs this morning, it is still important as most institutions use it. It is a signal used by long term investors. We have now included the MACD breaks in our Analyst Expert and all graphs shown today were selected from there.

Our next big development that we are working on is to complete our ZigZag analysis. Currently we only show the moves of shares in a bull and bear markets, but to complete it, we want to show the % potential left in the current swing wave and then show where the most % potential are. If you want to choose between two stocks, you obviously want to buy the one with the biggest potential?

Let me stop jabbing and get on to it!
Enjoy your day.
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