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Derek  11 Oct 2017


The Guru's in the US expected the US indices to at least correct back to the EMA8 line. Not to be, the US only took a days breather and then continued its bull run. This is a sign of a very strong bull run. The trend is your friend! Stay with the shares that makes new highs.

All positive! Enjoy the ride while it lasts. I show the S&P500. FrontRunner is very accurate when it comes to calling a top. You will notice that every top of FrontRunner is higher than the previous one, confirming the rise. When we get the next top lower than the previous one, that is divergence and will signal the end of the bull run?

Wal-Mart Stores made a significant break with a gap. I show where FrontRunner broke up with the HeatMaps. MACD lagged a few days, but still gave a good signal before the strong move.

JSE Technical:
You will recall that I showed Dis-Chem a few days ago. Lets recall the story line of patterns that repeat themselves over and over. See if you can identify the moves? To help you, I marked the resistance line and downward trend line. First the share made a double top against the resistance line. Then the ABC correction followed. Then insider trading made it break the downward trend line. When the results came yesterday, it zoooomed past the resistance line. And who said that insider trading did not exist .... it is alive and well!

Another typical formation is a flag. Rand Merchant Investment Holdings came out with good results to form the flag pole. Then the flag followed. When this gets broken upwards the formation can form another pole upwards.

Tip of day:
It is helpfull to read some books on chart formations. All formations tell a story and when you combine it with candles and technical indicators, you know exactly what is happening without reading their fundamentals. a Friend of mine said that you must only buy a share if you have the insider information. For us that do not have that info .... look at the indicators and formations!

Enjoy your day.
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