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Derek  12 Oct 2017


A little later than usual as gremlins took out the server in the US. Completely out of our control.

All positive in the East and US. I show the Australia index that is touching its top resistance line again in this long sideways movement. Can it be broken this time?

What shares are driving the US higher? Obviously those that are making new highs! I show McDonald's that is one of those share and in the table you can see the full list. Do notice that they all have a strong trend in the table and that they are all overbought. But while the trend lasts .... stay with it.

JSE Technical:
I mentioned flags before. Notice the flag that Aspen is busy forming against resistance.

Although PSG was our best performer yesterday, I show our list of trending shares too. Capitec is in this list that made a new high. You will notice Naspers in the list too. Notice that we have quite a few more dark green trending shares than 2 months ago.

Wining graphs:
I have a thin book with winning graphs. If you are interested in it, I can scan it and email it to you. Drop me a line at derek@zoclee.com if you are interested in receiving it.

Enjoy your day.
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