When the big moves take place.

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Derek  17 Oct 2017


There is the old saying: "When the big moves take place, you need to be in the market". You can do analysis like you feel, but there is nothing to beat a bull run. As mentioned before, ignore all cyclic signals and only follow trend indicators like EMA8 or trend lines when these moves are in place.

All positive! Markets are pulling all in the same direction.

I show Australia again and notice how the indicators are changing as it steams towards the next resistance. After the resistance break there was no stop to this index. It took off with a gap and just steamed upwards.

Bank of America is a classic example from a share that broke top resistance. 85% of the time it comes back to touch the resistance again to give you an oppertunity to get in, then it takes off again. See this on the chart.

JSE Technical:
Anglo did not come back to touch the break line again after its strong move. It is however forming a J-curve. Do you see the J? The bottom touched the EMA8 (Orange) line.

Nepi Rockcastle is a fairly new property listing on the JSE. It has now broken top resistance. I show where FrontRunner and MACD broke upwards.

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